Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Weirdness Nikki style

So here we go, rando, conspiracy theory, Nikki style.

Last night me and Steve were watching The Biggest Loser and during the weigh-ins I kept saying, "357!" while we were trying to guess the contestants weights. None of them looked like they weighed that much, it was just a number that popped into my head. That and it was irritating Steve (he practically guessed all their weights correctly). 

So, anywho, this morning we ventured out to Autozone because my car was in desperate need of a tune up. On the way to Autozone, we were talking about the show and he was like, what's your deal with 357? And I was like I just like the number. And I figure if I say it enough, I'm bound to be right sooner or later.Well, we get there and we're telling the guy what we need for the car and Steve decides to do his tune up as well, because his car needed one. for realz.

Well, later on - after we got all the things we needed, we went to Wally world (where I got the most AWESOME t-shirt EVER!) (it matches my phone & desktop, lol)

After we finished the tune-ups we had to take stuff back. Well, walking back into Walmart, Steve says to me, how much did we spend on all the car parts?

And I was like, "$357."

He smirked at me, and said, "there's your number."

How freaky?

And how awesome is my tee?

(and the awesomest part is that SOMEHOW I can make 357 equal 23, because 23 is like, haunting me.)

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