Thursday, October 14, 2010

Knees, bruises, and braces

Today officially sucked. I was up until the buttcrack of dawn because my knee hurt so bad that it was impossible to sleep. At like three something I was tossing and turning and had to get up to shut my bedroom curtains, turn my desk chair around and shut off my stereo system because the lights, in addition to my throbbing knee, where making it impossible to sleep.

Somewhere between getting back in bed and seven o'clock this morning, I fell asleep.

When I got up this morning, my knee still hurt. Steve said put ice on it, but that honestly makes it feel worse so I put my brace on and hobbled around like a gimp all day.

It's 130 in the morning and it still hurts. In fact, thats part of the reason why I'm still up. I've taken a boatload of aspirin, sat on my bum all day, wore the lame ass brace and it still hurts.

I'm at the point of serious concern.

See, I have issues with my knees. Always have, probably always will. It doesn't help that they are permanently brusied from my job (sitting on my knees or kneeling to photograph tiny crumb snatchers will do that).  then there's my perpetual clumsiness. I have brusies that I have no idea where they came from. right now I'm sporting about five or six bruises whose cause is unknown.

Either way, for two days straight my knee has been in serious pain. a day of serious pain is normal, but definitely not two. Hopefully, tomorrow it will feel better becasue, one. i really want some sleep, and two, i have to work on friday.

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