Tuesday, November 16, 2010

28 things to do before 29

So whilst perusing blogs today, I came across one (silly me forgot to save it) posting about so many things to do before her next birthday and naturally I was inspired. there are so many things I want to do, things I suspect I will never do because I lack the motivation to do them.

Don't get me wrong, I get things done, but they are the simple tasks, the things I must do in order for life to function. I do a lot of things for everyone else, but rarely do I do something for me. So I'm doing this for me, because, really, if I'm not happy then what was it all for?

I know that sounds selfish, and partly because it is, but its true. I work 50+ hours at a job, that while I love it, I spend more time with other people's kids than I do my own, that pays me no where near enough for said sacrifice, and I do it because I have a child to raise and rent to pay and a stupid car payment to make every month.

Basically I do it because I have to, because its what comes with the territory, you know, that land mine that they call adulthood. I work and I pay the bills and make sure my daughter has skinny jeans and justin bieber tee shirts and sneakers and food, I do it all for her, so this is for me for once.

so without further ado, 28 things to do before my 29th birthday.

1. See the Jaguars play a home game.
2. See John Mayer in concert
3. If John Mayer is not a possibility, I'd like to see Michael Buble
4. I want to write a really, really, really good book.
5. I want to lose 20 more pounds
6. Take a vacation to somewhere beautiful and not in the state of Florida
7. Go camping
8. Build a dollhouse
9. Learn to cable knit
10. Get a great haircut
11. Learn to ride a motorcycle
12. See my parents
13. Get a dog
14. buy a vintage typewriter
15. Read more books
16. Make something beautiful
17. Visit New England
18. Go to Seattle
19. Buy a dslr camera...a really, really, really good one
20. Take a ballroom dancing class
21. Learn to cook better
22. Run a marathon
23. Plant a rose bush (or ten) and not kill them
24. buy a record player
25. find every album the Beatles ever made on vinyl, then play it really, really loudly while singing the words at top volume
26. learn a foreign language
27. create more
28. be happy

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