Saturday, October 19, 2013


I'm the kind of person who had more gym clothes than regular clothes...

and the funny thing was...I didn't go to the gym.

Actually...I started walking in May with a friend of mine and kid myself that I was training to run a 5k in October.

Then I got lazy, bought more gym clothes (because they were comfortable) and stopped walking. The 5k date came and went and I stared at the calendar upset with myself because I didn't try hard enough to reach a goal.

So I started walking again. Started with a mile, then two, then three...almost got to four. then got lazy again.

I always had an excuse...

It's too hot (really, have you ever lived in florida in the summertime!?!?)

It looks like rain (again, see note above)

It's too far to drive to the track (really lazy's like five miles, or better yet...walk your neighborhood)

I'm too tired (stop staying up until 12, 1, 2 in the morning reading)

I don't want to (obviously, you wouldn't weigh a 195 pounds if you did)

The battle in my head was never ending....Three years ago I weighed between 225-230.

I started working (at the time I was a stay at home mom, we had one car and my husband made pretty decent money) and immediately the weight started to fall off...a month after I started my job, I was down to about 210. Six months later, about 190. Last year I was nestled somewhere between 179-181...

Then I got lazy again...I started eating food that I shouldn't (I am a cupcake addict...I could literally eat 12 cupcakes and not feel bad about it...seriously) started drinking Starbucks coffee like it was going out of style and before I knew it, my super slimming waist started swelling back up again and for the last 9-10 months I have been fighting to try to get back down to the 170's.

Something inside me this last month just snapped. I got tired of giving myself excuses, of hearing myself stare in the mirror and think I look disgusting. I signed up for the gym, signed up for a mapmyfitness account and at 193 pounds I started working out with my friend.

And woo hoo for me, I've lost six pounds so far. My first goal is to hit 170. I have 17 pounds to go and a lot of hard work ahead of me...

But I'll tell you this...those gym clothes are seriously confused...but I'm loving it!

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