Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Write a description

This...this little box on this little website has been my undoing for the better part of a week. I'm ready to pull my hair out, however I'll refrain because well, I like my hair and pulling it out wouldn't do a lick of good.

Now, back to the beginning. I (finally) finished rewriting, and erasing and rewriting chapter one of Unattached. I hop online to create the new story and upload it to wattpad and I'm faced with this.

Write a description.

Do you know how hard it is to write a 2000 word blurb about something you've written?

It's freaking impossible.

I have no idea what to write..what to put in the description that doesn't give away all the story, something that is going to make people stop and read it?


I've tried being funny..I've tried being straightforward...I've tried writing it like it was a book I found at the library and read.

I'm a wits end...I'm about to write this:

This is the story of a woman who was dumped by her loser boyfriend with commitment issues, who orders a bitchin vibrator that is accidentally delivered to her elderly neighbor who subsequently hooks said woman up with her total bad ass, smoking hot Marine grandson who is home on leave before deploying to Iraq. Will she find love in the arms of a badass or get her heartbroken again?

I'm giggling like a lunatic now, because when you put it that way no one in their right mind would ever, EVER, read that.

And I know it's an entertaining story. Cause you know, it is. My homies told me so.

Just saying...

So yeah...looks like it's going to be another week of me staring at the computer until one in the morning.....

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