Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Things to think about

Today my district manager stopped by my studio to give me a hand because my schedule was BANANAS this morning (I had appointments literally every fifteen minutes all the way up until lunch)..anywhoo, back to the whole point of this...

Jodi, my district manager, was talking about an email she received and then sent to all the studios. It was from the husband of one of our photographer's in Tennessee. The email went on to say that the photographer, Mindy I believe was her name, started out have back pain, went to the doctor and was giver pain medications, etc. Well, instead of the pain getting better, it got worse.

She went back to the doctor and had an MRI upon which she found out she had a golf ball sized tumor on her spine. Upon further testing the doctors found out she has a total of five tumors. After her surgery they found out she had a mass in her left breast that turned out to be cancerous. One day this woman was living her life, and the next thing she knows she finds out she has a very aggressive stage four cancer and is now fighting for her life.

Jodi said that she wanted the district to sign a card and send her flowers, but what can that do when your battling a war against something which has no cure? So she decided to take up a donation which she would match, and our district is going to make a donation in Mindy's name to the Susan G Komen foundation.

She went on to say that one in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer and with those facts in mind, most of my district is made up of women, more than one of the women that I work with will be diagnosed with cancer. Possibly even myself.

It's a lot to think about, I mean, we all hear about people who find out they have cancer, but when you think about it, that one or more of the women you work with will be diagnosed with cancer, it kind of really hits home.

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