Sunday, August 1, 2010

Oh how I wish I was 8 again

In 22 days my daughter will be eight years old. Over the course of her short life she has said so many funny, insightful, random things...things that I will probably never forget. Recently, okay well not really recently, recently, she has decided that Jacob Black a.k.a. Taylor Lautner is cute.

For Christmas she got a Jacob Black poster from the New Moon movie from a relative. I hung it up in her room next to her Jonas Brothers and High School Musical posters. Two nights ago, we took an impromptu trip to Walmart after I got home from work. She was looking at posters with Steve while I was looking for a new book to read.

She came rushing over with a Taylor Lautner poster and tossed it in the cart, a cheesy grin on her face. On the way home, she debated about where it should go. When we got home, Bree decided it should go on the ceiling. I decided that it wasn't. She was bummed, but had a day to think about where to put it.

Tonight I hung it up. She pointed to a space next to her bed and asked for me to hang it there. I got out the thumbtacks and took the picture that was there down then hung it up. When I was done she tapped her fingers together like an evil villain plotting world domination.

"Look Mommy," she said running across her room to the New Moon poster. "It's like they are going to face off."

I laughed, thinking to myself, "only Bree." When I looked around at all the stuff taped and tacked to her wall - pictures of the Jonas Brothers, Zac Efron, Taylor Lautner (as himself and Jacob Black), Captain Jack Sparrow, Demi Lovato - I said to her, "It's like a total Taylor Lautner takeover in here."

She nodded enthusiastically and said, "I'm collecting them. Pretty soon my walls are gonna be full."

When she went to bed she smiled at the poster then turned her attention to The Great Mouse Detective. I found it humorous: old enough to be "in love" with Taylor Lautner and young enough to still think its cool to watch Disney movies.

My baby is growing up.

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