Thursday, October 21, 2010

10 Days of Halloween - Scariest Things You've Seen & Heard

So this was me last night. I was laying (lying?) in bed last night, enjoying a James Patterson audio book, when I glanced up at the window and saw something (or someone) walk by the window.

My heart immediately started racing and fear paralyzed me for about five seconds. Did I really just see that? I thought.

At first I thought it was Steve, coming in to tell me something, but when he didn't speak or sit down on the bed, I immediately realized it wasn't him.

Okay, now I should probably explain that when this happened, the lights were out, the curtains were opened slightly and the blinds were open, there is a sulfuric orange street light that illuminates my backyard. When I saw the shadow, it blocked out the light, and of course it was dark in my room, so all I really saw was the shadow blocking the light.

So that being said, I laid there for a few seconds, too damned afraid to move, then my brain clicked on. I quickly rolled over, flicked the light on, and upon seeing the empty room, ran like hell to the living room, trying not to cry because I was so scared.

So, I went to Steve's desk and asked him if he was playing a trick on me, like maybe he went outside and walked past the window. He had no idea what I was talking about and said he'd come to bed so I wouldn't be scared all the while telling me that it was just my eyes playing tricks on me because I was tired.

Well, this morning, he told me that he couldn't sleep because he kept hearing footsteps and stuff. I was like, see, totally not my imagination.

I felt a little foolish, though, because I was telling him earlier last night (while we were watching a horror movie) that I liked being scared - the kind of scared that horror movies and scary books lend to, not freaky light block shadows creeping around your room late at night.

So tell me, what's the freakiest thing that's ever happened to you?

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