Wednesday, October 20, 2010

11 Days of Halloween - Scariest Book You've Ever Read

We've watched movies that have literally scared us so bad that it instills a lifelong fear in us. for me, that fear is clowns, for others it could be dolls or monsters, what have you.

Then there are books that are so scary, you're afraid to put it down because you want to know if the bad guy gets caught, or if the mysterious monster has been captured. these kinds of books are few and far between...sure, they are scary books out there, but most of them don't keep you up at night, not like these on my list do.

When I was a freshman in high school, I found this book on the bookshelf of a lady I babysat for. I picked up and started reading it after the kids were in bed.
I was up all night reading it, mostly because I was too afraid to sleep and if I wasn't going to sleep then I should just read it and be done. To this day its still one of the most freakishly good books I've ever read.

another book from high school, I was always a huge fan of R.L.Stine's work..the Goosebumps books, then later the Fear Street books..gah I loved them. Then I found this book in the back of the dusty stacks in the school library.

first of all, this book is SO not proper for a school. The sexuality and sex scenes in, if my parent's would have known that, I'm sure they would've had a hissy fit. Just saying. Moving on, the story is good, the plot is just freaked me out a bit...I'm not sure it still would, but as a teenager, it did.

I don't remember much about this book, but what I do remember was that it skeeved me out. One of my friends and I read it together and would spend hours on the phone at night discussing the grody factor. Yes, I said grody. lol. I went on to read just about every John Saul book after completing this one and each one was just as, if not more, freaky as this one.

okay, tell me you read these books when you were a kid. 
This was where my, well I guess you could call it obsession started with all things scary. Somehow we ended up with these books in our house, I don't know if they came from the library or if my parents bought them, but I used to read them to my younger siblings to try and scare them. I loved these stories when i was a kid, they were scary without being too scary. It spawned my obsession with urban legends and horror movies. 
I'm kinda sad now, I wish I had a copy in my house.

I went to get Steve's favorite scary book, but he said he's  never read one. I gasped in horror and called him a weenie. He laughed at me and said he didn't like scary stuff. Sometimes I

So there ya have folks. My favorite scary books. Have you ever read a book that scared you so bad you couldn't sleep?

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