Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Dear Ghost Hunters and the month of October....

Dear Ghost Hunters,

Thank you for inspiring my next story. Without your show every week I probably never would have come up with an idea for NaNoWriMo and that would have sucked.


Dear month of October,

Please hurry up and be over already. Plots, characters, setting, and a million other little things clamoring in my head to be released is very distracting. I've almost gotten into about four accidents because my attention wanders while driving down the interstate. trying to hold creativity captive is like microwaving aluminum foil.

its just a bad idea.

for realz.

So that being said....I have officially decided on my NaNoWriMo story. It will be awesomely and completely freaking epic.

in my head.

I have this inane ability to write epicness in my head that somehow does not translate well to written thought and I do not know why that is. I am a good (fiction) writer, but the epicness of these stories never translates. I don't know why.

So I'm going to leave you with this tiny piece of epic story telling.

the name of the story is Two Promises (its a working title) which comes from Chapter X (which is titled, Two Promises) of a Tale of Two Cities. There is a line in the chapter that goes, "I well understand that, without you, I could have no hope."

After reading that, the story bum rushed me and I grabbed a grocery list and started making notes, little details, the reasoning behind the title Two Promises. Then I wrote a short short story for my Cafemom group and the rest is history.

Here is a quick idea of what the story will be about:

 Emmalynn Cain and her husband Will, purchase a crumbling old Queen Anne-style home in brisk New England with the hopes of renovating and turning it into a bed and breakfast. Emmalynn, a writer, finds an old diary in the attic one afternoon during the renovation. At first, she doesn’t want to read it, but something draws her to the old journal. Perhaps it’s the tale of romance contained within the yellowed pages, or the name of the author’s boat, Two Promises.
Emmalynn finally gives in succumbs to the turn of the century romance unfurling in the pages of the diary, a romance filled with wealth and riches, love and heartbreak and two promises that were never kept.

Epic right?

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