Friday, October 7, 2011

Age: 29...yowza I'm getting old
Bedsize: queen...but I need a king..lolz
Chores that you hate: hmmm...i actually kinda like doing chores, but if I had to choose, dishes
Dogs: I want one, but I'm kinda poor, so no pooch for me
Essential start to your day: go pee then drink a cup of coffee
Favorite color: light blue and light yellow
Gold or Silver: is gaudy
Height: 5'-7"
Instruments you play: hmm...not a single one
Job title: Studio Photographer (doing a little dance)
Kids: i have one...she's kinda awesome
Live:'s some advice...stear sucks here
Mother's Name: Mom
Nicknames: nikki, nik, nicolai (if you're dayna)
Overnight hospital stays: having a baby and having navy doctors almost kill you will take care of that easy peasy
Pet peeves: people who do not speak proper english, aka when they say, "what her doing?" um excuse me...i believe it is actually supposed to be "what is she doing?" kthnxbye
Quote from a movie or tv show:"You have all the tools you need. Now fight!" Sucker Punch
Right or Lefty: righty
Siblings: i have sisters, two brothers
Time you wake up: depends...between 630 and 715
Underwear: under where?
Vegetable you hate: lima beans, peas, spinach, cooked carrots
What makes you run late: hmm...nothing...i hate being late...if I'm late its because of circumstances outside of my control
X-Rays You've Had: my knee
Yummy food you make: the title is fitting...its called yummy chicken dinner and it's yummy.
Zoo Animal:what about them? i like bears..they're kinda cool..and peacocks too

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